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Electrical safety tips

Enter the world of safety and elegance with Fourteen Electrical, electrical masters. This site explores electrical safety guidelines, where secure living meets practical electrical practices. Join us on this stylish journey where every switch assures safety and every wire provides peace.

Safety Symphony:

We execute a harmonic blend of elegance and security with safety at Fourteen Electrical. Imagine your environment as a great hall with Fourteen Electrical as the virtuoso maestro, delivering a secure living harmony in every electrical connection.

Chic Cord Management:

In electrical safety, cord management is trendy. Fourteen Electrical offers stylish cord solutions that simplify and improve safety. Imagine your office or living space with elegant cable organizers and beautiful wire covers, making wires an accessory rather than an eyesore.

Sparkly Switches:

Switches may be stunning focal points in your space. Fourteen Electrical offers stylish, safe designer switches. Imagine a gem-like switchplate that shows safety can be appealing. Fourteen Electrical turns mundane items into art.

Classy Surge Protectors:

Electrical surge protectors are unsung heroes. These guards become classier with Fourteen Electrical. Imagine surge protectors that match your décor, making a necessity a statement. Our elegant surge protectors secure your equipment and enhance your area.

Elegant Outlet Covers:

Outlets can be lovely interior ornaments as well as utilitarian. Fourteen Electrical offers elegant, secure outlet covers. Imagine outlets with stylish covers that match your décor, making safety part of your visual narrative. We make outlets discreet electrical safety guards.

Lighting Fixtures:


Lighting fixtures can signal safety and style as well as illumination. Fourteen Electrical provides beautiful, safe lighting solutions. Imagine pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces that illuminate your environment and meet the greatest electrical safety regulations.

Skillful Appliance Placement:

The ballet of electrical safety involves equipment placement. Fourteen Electrical recommends advanced appliance placement for safety and aesthetics. Imagine a kitchen where appliances are tools and part of a careful balance of style and safety.

GFCI Outlets with Style:

GFCI outlets are electrical safety’s hidden heroes. Fourteen Electrical offers stylish GFCI outlets that integrate into your space and provide top-notch protection. Consider unobtrusive, functional outlets that make electrical safety an art form.

Safety in Design:

Our designs incorporate safety from the start at Fourteen Electrical. Imagine a space where safety is a design principle. Our electrical safety guidelines go beyond common wisdom, adding style into every part to make your home a secure masterpiece.

Fourteen Electrical is a secure elegance curator as well as an electrical services provider. Our electrical safety advice are useful and stylish. Electrical safety is more than a need at Fourteen Electrical; it’s a statement about living well.